Rep. Pasch statement on status of Milwaukee county board legislation

April 29, 2013
Sandy Pasch

Sandy Pasch

Assistant Assembly Democratic Leader Sandy Pasch (D – Shorewood) released the following statement on Wensday, April 17, 2013, regarding Assembly consideration on Assembly Bill 85, which would significantly micromanage the budget and structure of the Milwaukee County Board:
“At a time when Wisconsin ranks 44th in the nation, 45th in wage growth, and trails all our neighboring states in job creation, we should be focused on bold and immediate action to provide stability for our everyday families.  But instead, Republicans have decided to focus on distracting proposals that disregard and divide our local communities.
“I am always open to discussing how to make government more efficient, effective, and responsive at all levels, but unfortunately, AB 85’s attack on local control has done more to polarize Milwaukee County than to reform it.
“Milwaukee does not need a Madison-dictated solution. I have faith that County Executive Abele, County Board Chair Dimitrijevic – and the rest of our local leaders and community stakeholders – can sit down, roll up their sleeves, and have inclusive and pragmatic discussions about how Milwaukee County government can best serve its constituents.
“Right now, the state should be working together to pass bold and immediate legislation that creates family-sustaining jobs, invests in worker training programs, bolsters our public education, and increases access to affordable healthcare.
“It’s not too late for my colleagues to choose to focus on these vital issues and leave the polarizing, divisive initiatives – like AB 85 – behind.”

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