Now is NOT the time for photo ops

September 3, 2020

By Gwen Moore

Rep. Gwen Moore

Much was said during the Republican National Convention by Republicans three and a half years ago. But the more I listened to all that talk, all those speeches, I felt like I must be living in a dream because the actions we’ve born witness to and continue to suffer from since Donald J. Trump took office are anything but what was “spoken about” in those speeches, in that commentary, and in those words I heard.

The outcries I hear around the clock from Wisconsinites and from families across our nation are far greater than any microphone could ever attempt to carry. Our country is hurting. The pain is greater than anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes – from the devastation of the pandemic and lack of access to quality affordable healthcare, to throwing children into cages, separating babies from their parents, to using police forces against peaceful protesters practicing their constitutional rights, to civil injustice, extreme voter suppression, and so much more. Our democracy, our American Dream is under attack like never before. Now is the time that we must come together and work together side-by-side to heal our nation. Now is not the time for photo ops, now is the time to rise up and act.

The virtual DNC in Milwaukee stressed how critical it is that we rise up, are counted, and fight to take our democracy back. Striving for a more perfect union is only achieved when we come together as one people, as one nation. These are the values our nation was founded upon, the values I swore to uphold, and the values we hold most dear. Joe Biden is guided by these values. Kamala Harris is guided by these values. I know you are guided by these shared values.

Senator Kamala Harris

At a time when Donald J. Trump and his Republican Party are doing all they can to convince you that your vote won’t matter and your voice doesn’t count, I am asking you to join me in proving them wrong.

I challenge every human being from sea to shining sea to join me – rise up with me – make your voice heard alongside me. Vote, and please vote early. And just as important, fill out your 2020 Census, and please do it as soon as you finish reading this.

In January of 2017, hundreds asked me why I chose to go to Donald J. Trump’s inauguration. “So that when he looks at me, he sees exactly what the face of the resistance looks like,” I proudly answered. The resistance is undoubtedly stronger than ever, now we must come together, rise up together, and be counted together as one people, as one nation. Are you with me?

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