Is this integration?

December 16, 2021

Naomi Harris

I am a fan of any type of movie that makes you think. Science fiction or movies based on comic books are some of my favorite movie plots. I have seen everything from the X-Men, to the flop that was based on the Green Lantern. In 2021 I had to miss one of the best comic based movies to come out. There is a reason for this. I have grown weary of looking at black women draped all over white men. In the 60’s there was a push for integration. Is this portrayal of black women the form of integration those marchers wanted?

I finally headed to see Venom: Let There Be Carnage. A voice said, “Frank check the actor list,” which I did. Lo and behold, old dried up Woody Harrelson has a love interest and of course it is a black woman. To be fair, Naomi Harris is from Great Britain and they didn’t have slaves or racism in the UK. Yeah right. Needless to say I had to take a hard pass on Venom: Let There Be Carnage. I know what you are saying, “What is wrong with this racial advancement in movies?” Answer, “Nothing.” Nothing is wrong with portraying women who have been raped, mentally transformed into pleasure toys, exploited, killed, being shown as in love with the race of men who committed the acts. I guess this is why Harriet Tubman left the plantation in order for this form of integration to manifest in the future.

Many are thinking, “Franks you are jumping to extreme conclusions.” Am I? Do you see Jewish women portrayed as being in love with Nazis? No. Seriously people, think about it. How would a movie be received with the previously mentioned plot scheme? I have not seen a movie made where a Jewish woman is in love with an ex-Nazi SS officer. How do I come with this comparison? Easy. The Nazis had a ten to twelve year run. The whites in the USA alone have more than 400 years of exploiting, killing and raping black people of both sexes. If a Jewish women would not be portrayed draped all over a Nazi, why should an African American woman be in the same scene with a white man, much less in love? How does this race mixing help black people? Is this why Critical Race Theory is such a debated topic in schools? Do you think the Jewish people would deny their children the information about what happened in Nazi Germany? Do you think Jewish people would care if it painted the Nazis as evil or made their descendants feel bad? You know the answer.

“What about black men with white women?” I feel the same way about this side of the swirl. Poor deluded African American males who think they are achieving the American Dream by intermingling with white women are pathetic. The only thing the African American male can say is, “Well, at least my child would be considered free.” This is true because a child with a white mother was considered, “free.” I doubt there was a lot of these type of children around in the 1700’s and 1800’s. A child by a white man and black woman though was chattel. I wonder why? Is it because the white man was spreading his seed nightly in the slave quarters? Hmm. In defense of the female slaves, they were slaves. What is an educated free person like Kamala Harris’ rationale? Looks and machismo?

Modern integration in the good ole USA 2021 style. You get to look at African American women hopelessly in love with basic to below average white men in films and on TV. Is this what Dr. King died for? Feliz Navidad!

Frank James IV © 2021

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