In our country, the road to change goes through the ballot box

October 18, 2018

Tony Evers

I’m running for Governor, along with Milwaukee native Mandela Barnes as Lt. Governor, because we believe it’s time for a change.

And that change can start today with early voting at different locations all across Milwaukee.

Here in Wisconsin, we have witnessed a dramatic attack on the values we care about. Scott Walker has failed our state. His reckless leadership has raised health care costs and let our roads crumble while gutting our public schools.

We can do better for Wisconsin. We can fully fund our public schools to do what’s best for our kids. We can protect those with pre-existing conditions and fight for health care that’s affordable and accessible. We can finally be rid of the Scott-holes on our roads once and for all. And we can pursue criminal justice reform that invests in our people instead of our prisons.

We can bring real change to our state, and turn all of these goals into realities. But that’s only if we use our right to vote and don’t take this election for granted.

But you don’t have to wait until November to vote. Right now, in communities across Wisconsin, early voting is already underway, allowing voters to cast their ballots before Election Day on November 6th and make sure that their vote counts.

Milwaukee is one of those communities that lets its residents vote early anytime between now and November 3rd. Already, thousands of Wisconsinites have decided to vote early, and in Milwaukee, you can too.

Early voting is easy. All you need are the same things you need for regular voting. If you’re already registered, you’ll just need your state-issued photo ID. Even if you’re not registered, you can still early vote. Because Wisconsin offers same day registration, you can even register at the polls. To do so, you’ll need your state-issued photo ID along with proof of residency, like a utility bill, a bank statement, a paystub, or a residential lease. For more information, visit

Early voting is also incredibly convenient. Right now, you can vote early at seven different locations across Milwaukee:

● Zeidler Municipal Building, 841 N. Broadway
● Midtown Center, 5700 W. Capitol Dr.
● Mitchell Street Library, 906 W. Historic Mitchell St.
● Zablocki Library, 3501 W. Oklahoma Ave.
● Center Street Library, 2727 W. Fond du Lac Ave.
● Mill Road Library, 6431 N. 76th St.
● UWM Peck School of the Arts, 2419 E. Kenwood Blvd.

These locations are open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m., as well as Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. for the last two weekends before the election.

All you need to do is show up at one of these locations with the right documents, cast your ballot, and you’ve already played a major role in helping bring change to Wisconsin.

That’s because voting is not just incredibly easy, but also incredibly important.

Mandela Barnes and I have traveled all across our state promoting our positive agenda for Wisconsin and meeting folks who are ready for a change. We’re ready to spend these last few weeks of the campaign making sure we can turnout as many people to vote as possible and bring this change to Wisconsin. That’s because we know that we don’t just have to campaign in every community. We also have to make sure we’re getting out the vote in every community as well.

We have serious issues facing our state, and we have a lot of work to do to get Wisconsin back on track. That work begins and ends right here at the ballot box, and that’s why I’m asking you today to do your part to get out and vote from now until November 3rd.

So make a plan, find five or ten people, and take them with you to get out to vote. The future of our state depends on it.

– Tony Evers
Candidate for Governor

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