A tactical wartime education

September 3, 2020

Another atrocity takes place in the USA. An African American male is brutalized in some fashion by the police. This script has gotten old. This time the deed took place in Kenosha, WI. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by police. Do you see a pattern here? How many of these stories have you heard in the last few months? This script was old five hundred years ago. The question is how do African Americans change the script?

I’m sure everyone has heard the details of what took place in Kenosha on August 23, 2020. The question is how can these type of situations be avoided. It is obvious that marching and praying hasn’t worked. I won’t argue the previous point; just look at the news and come up with your own conclusion about the efficiency of the two tactics. What needs to be done is a form of education of all African Americans that instills a common sense in them. An education that drills into dense heads this fact. No matter what African Americans want or think, they will never be accepted as equal to whites in the USA.

I guess you can get on TV and start crying like Doc Rivers over the fact that you love the USA and don’t understand why they hate you. Or you can accept this realization and move on. Once African Americans understand the fact that equality is a myth they can understand how not to be killed in the streets. It is this lack of accepting the obvious that is keeping the killing cycle going in the USA. I’m sure after 500 years whites are tired of teaching the same lesson to the same people. Ironically Doc probably went home and was consoled by his white wife and mulatto children. You would think Ole Doc had all the white love he could handle.

One of the first lessons that should be taught after the first rule is so simple it is complex. Never argue with white men with weapons and badges. Just looking at the activities from the last ten months should have taught this to any African American. When white men with guns and badges show up be silent; better yet, leave if you can. There was a scene in the movie Panther where Eldridge Cleaver tells Bobby Hutton to strip down before they turn themselves in to police. I’m not saying you should get naked but if it saves your life then better to be shamed than dead. Many people scream about rights. Once again this is foolish talk at best. What good are rights on paper when you have hot lead in your gut or chest? Do not debate or even have conversations with white men with weapons and badges if they come your way. If you have to talk to such individuals, smile and be as pleasant as possible. Why risk getting blasted by a scared white man with a free pass to murder you?

There is one thing that happened that should have African Americans on alert. The Kyle Rittenhouse fiasco reinforces my point about equality. The main lesson learned from Rittenhouse is not about equality. The lesson is dealing with what type of threat Rittenhouse represents. African Americans need to be alert to the fact that there are factions of armed whites out there ready to enforce the law. These white factions have weapons that the average African American would be arrested for looking at. The simple fact that people like Rittenhouse are patrolling, areas with assault rifles is cause for pause. Who are they looking to keep in line? African Americans need to understand the faction of paranoid hatred that Rittenhouse represents and learn caution quickly. African

Americans are not in a battle for equality in the USA. African Americans are in a war for survival. African Americans can continue to sing, pray, march, sex, and beg whites till the sun burns out. The results of these actions are evident and will only lead to death.

Frank James IV © 2020

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