A new chapter in city hall

January 9, 2020

Tearman Spencer for Milwaukee City Attorney

It’s time for us to turn the page in Milwaukee’s City Hall. For too long, we’ve seen our communities struggle and the success that’s felt downtown isn’t seen in communities of color.

I’m running for City Attorney because it’s time we have someone who, for the first time, will be a voice for our needs and push the city to make the changes we deserve.

I’ve spent a career fighting for justice and making sure people are safe. I’ve overcome personal adversity, achieving through hard work what doctors said wouldn’t be possible. Now I’m ready to stand up and fight for us.

I’m a Milwaukee native. I was born here, and I’ve built my career here. Before becoming the attorney I am today, I was an award-winning safety engineer, focusing on transportation infrastructure including dams, bridges, tunnels, airports, and rail systems, working all over the country. I ensured maintenance on refineries was done safely and oversaw safety professionals on the cleanup efforts of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

But nothing comes easy, and we all have to overcome adversity at some point in our lives. In the middle of my career, I was diagnosed with a degenerative condition that confined me to a wheelchair. But that didn’t stop me. While I was striving to recover, I earned a Masters in Business Administration from Golden Gate University.

And through it all, I never stopped. I went on to earn my Juris Doctor (law degree) from the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

I’ve had a successful law practice here in Milwaukee, handling real estate and business cases, and protecting individuals against big banks. More recently, I’ve focused on defending the rights of consumers, and winning millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for my clients.

I’ve always been committed to community leadership, including serving on the board of Community Brainstorming Conference and as a member of the Felmers Chaney Advisory Board. And I completed the FBI Citizens Academy and am active in the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association.

And guess what? I defied expectations and learned to walk again.

With more than 30 years of leadership experience, I’m ready to run the City Attorney’s office, a broad operation that oversees civil, criminal, and municipal law on behalf of the people of Milwaukee.

It’s time we have a real voice who speaks for us in City Hall. For too long we’ve dealt with the status quo, being voiceless in a time when others are loud, and we’ve seen our leadership remain stale when we’ve needed them the most. I’m going to be a proactive City Attorney.

I’m going to be a visible part of our communities. And I’m going to fight for you the way I always have throughout my life and career.

It’s time for a new chapter in City Hall. I look forward to earning your support and your vote on February 18 and April 7, 2020.

This op-ed is by paid for by Spencer for Milwaukee.

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