Back into our neighborhoods

January 30, 2020

By Vince Bobot

Vince Bobot

The downtown of Milwaukee has undergone a radical transformation during the last ten years. We now have a world class company in Northwestern Mutual with a new headquarters; a championship basketball team with a top-notch venue; the Calatrava; a vibrant nightlife, and top-end residential housing.

It is now time to take the fight back into our neighborhoods. From the North to the South to the East and to the West, we need to direct a lot of the same positive energy and attention to strengthening and rebuilding many things in our neighborhoods. It will require a house by house, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood plan.

As your next City Attorney, I will work tirelessly to bring neighborhood development to the forefront. I pledge to be there with you, our city leaders, and community groups in making Milwaukee’s neighborhoods safe and a place where you can be proud to call your home.

Much work needs to be done. The City Attorney can no longer stay on the sidelines. Recently, I wrote articles dealing with traffic enforcement, human trafficking, vacant houses, and the need for all of us to feel safe and secure in our city. In those articles and subsequent position papers, I stressed the importance of the City Attorney’s office in dealing with the problems facing Milwaukee and the need to become directly involved in solving them.

As your next City Attorney, I will be relentless in finding ways to procure funding from the State, County and private foundations or grants to assist Milwaukee in improving its neighborhoods. I will also be in your neighborhood, at community meetings, and constantly looking for ways to improve the living conditions and business environment in Milwaukee with existing revenues. We need to bring the same energy and determination from the development of our downtown into our neighborhoods.

I look forward to discussing with you ways to improve Milwaukee. Together we can implement changes that make a difference. Whether it is dealing with public safety, environmental issues, or putting an end to expensive lawsuits, as your next City Attorney I pledge to pursue solutions that get the job done!

This op-ed is by paid for by Bobot for City Attorney.