Holy Temple Missionary Baptist Church is seeking a Pastor

June 10, 2021

*** Holy Temple Missionary Baptist Church is seeking a Pastor ***
Holy Temple MBC is actively seeking a Pastor to lead a growing flock into the future. Holy Temple is a Baptist church located on the northwest side of Milwaukee, WI. The new Pastor must be able to preach the Word, teach different classes, and have a gift for leading souls to Christ.
Resumés are being accepted through August 31, 2021, and should include the following…
• Contact information [including home address, email address, home & cell numbers]
• Educational background and ministerial experience [please include all job titles, churches, organizations, duties, interests, certifications, degrees, experience with different ministries, and where you were licensed or ordained]
• Secular work experience
• Lastly, please include a section on your personal statement of salvation and call into the ministry, as well as your doctrinal belief.
Please submit your resumé with educational background and pastoral experience to:

Holy Temple Missionary Baptist Church
Attn: Pulpit Search Committee
c/o Curtis Boyd or Danielle Mackey
P.O. Box 16613
Milwaukee, WI 53216
>> Please note: Candidates will be subject to a full background check <<