Wisconsin General Baptist State Congress of Christian Education closes out convention calendar

December 8, 2022

Reverend James Ivy
Congress President

Mrs. Emma Brooks Congress Dean

The Wisconsin General Baptist State Convention, Inc. (WGBSC), closed out its calendar in November with The World’s Day of Prayer held at Mt. Zion MBC sponsored by the Woman’s Auxiliary, where Barbara Wyatt Sibley serves as President. Convention President Keith T. Evans, Pastor of the Greater Mt. Eagle Baptist Church in Racine served as speaker, and the WGBSC of Christian Education held its session during the week of November 15-17 at the Tabernacle Community Baptist Church, where Reverend Donna Childs serves as pastor. The theme was: “Reaching Our Potential and New Possibilities by The Power of God”. Dean Emma Brooks reported that more than 111 delegates registered for the conference; 69 in attendance on Tuesday evening for classes and 77 on Wednesday. President James Ivy delivered his Annual Address on the subject “A More Attractive Church.” (Mark 2:1-12) During his address, he recommended that next year’s fall session of the congress be called “The Judith Lester Institute” in memory of Reverend Dr. Judith Lester, one of the congress vice presidents. This recommendation was overwhelmingly accepted.

The convention will open 2023 with activities under the auspices the Woman’s Auxiliary, where Barbara Wyatt Sibley serves as president; and the Laymen’s Auxiliary, where Leonard Cratic serves as president.