Spring into a healthy spiritual lifestyle (Conclusion)

April 2, 2020

As you spring into a healthier spiritual lifestyle, know that praying is not only a key to spiritual growth, but partnering with others in prayer can galvanize active and consistent prayer!

Prayer is an important and necessary spiritual discipline for every believer. Prayer is so necessary, that our spiritual growth depends on it. Thus, prayer must be a continual practice of every believer. If a key to spiritual growth is prayer, why is it that more people are not communicating with God? Dr. Charles Stanley in The Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible, indicated:

The foremost reason is that we don’t feel sure of our relationship with the Lord and, therefore, we feel afraid of God. But those who are born again spiritually have a Father-child relationship with the Lord. Our Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally and deals with us tenderly and patiently. The more we learn what God is really like—the more we see God as God truly is—the more we will long to spend time alone with God…and the more we will know the fullness of God’s grace. (paraphrased)

Partnering with others in prayer

Partnering with others in prayer by engaging prayer groups helps to provide an atmosphere to spur others to pray. A prayer group is a group of believers not necessarily members of the same church, but believers who schedule a time to meet regularly for the purpose of praying. Commitment and consistency are vital for sustaining active prayer with a prayer partner or prayer group. Regular time periods must be set aside for this purpose. Normally an hour is sufficient amount of time for a prayer group. For leaders, having a committed group of people who will keep them lifted in prayer is important. In “Leaders on Leadership: Wisdom, Advice and Encouragement and the Art of Leading God’s People” it noted “the best advice for Christian leaders is that they do whatever is necessary to build a team of personal prayer partners, the more powerful the better. These are individuals, some with the spiritual gift of intercession and others just good committed Christian prayers who have sensed a special assignment from God to dedicate a significant part of their regular prayer time to a certain leader.” Through regular and consistent prayer, one is able to resist and overcome temptation (Matthew 6:13); is sanctified by the truth of God’s Word (John 17:17); and their faith can be strengthened (Luke 22:31- 32) which will naturally lead to spiritual growth.

Beloved, the bottom line is there is no substitute for time spent with God. The path to establishing an intimate relationship with God, and developing/maintaining a healthy spiritual lifestyle must travel down the road of prayer. God desires to bless you but God also desires to hear from you. Resolve to spring into a healthy spiritual lifestyle by vowing today to pray every day.

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