Put on a smiley face ☺ (Week 3)

October 22, 2020

Source: “Smiley Face with Smiling Eyes” by Apple.com

Doing random acts of kindness will not only make you smile, but it will make you feel good inside. This week, you are encouraged to find opportunities to do random acts of kindness and show goodwill. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Gather several adults and children and on a Saturday this month, while maintaining appropriate social distancing, pick up the trash in a 2-3 block radius in your neighborhood. If anyone inquires as to the organization you represent, simply tell them, with a smile on your face, that you are performing a random act of kindness and goodwill in your community in celebration of World Smile Day!

2. Your place of worship has been closed for a while. Volunteer to freshen it up by cleaning, dusting and sweeping your church or place of worship this month without accepting monetary payment. Invite other parishioners to help you.

3. If you have an elderly neighbor, or a neighbor that is physically or visually impaired, volunteer to help do a fall cleanup of their yard.

4. Spend a Saturday this month cleaning out your closet and your children’s closet and donate clean and wearable clothing to a local clothing bank or thrift store. Place a note in each garment with a pocket “Pass On Kindness and Goodwill to Others With A Smile.”

5. Finally, often we forget the Wisconsin Humane Society is always looking for donated items or monetary gifts at their Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Green Bay, or Door County campuses. Spread some kindness and show goodwill to your local humane society. Here is a sample list of items on their wish list. To see a complete list, visit: https://www.wihumane.org/donate/wish-list.

A. Dogs:
• Soft doggie treats
• Folding wire dog crates
• Dog toys
• Leashes (non-retractable)
• Potty training pads

B. Cats:
• Canned cat and kitten food (must be unopened)
• Kitten Milk Replacer
• Dry cat food (unopened bags)

C. Cleaning/office supplies:
• Hand sanitizer
• Liquid dish soap
• Ziploc bags (gallon size)
• Disinfectant wipes
• Disposable dry washcloths

Beloved, performing random acts of kindness is giving without an expectation of receiving anything in return (e.g. pay or recognition in any form). That’s the highest form of giving – when it is given freely with no strings attached. When Harvey Ball created the yellow smiley face, the goal of his smiley face was to spread goodwill and cheer throughout the world. Put on a Smiley Face ☺, perform acts of kindness and spread goodwill whether it is for your community, neighbor, stranger, coworker or your family and friends!

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