Project Return celebrates 36th Anniversary

October 28, 2016


On Saturday, October 15, 2016 Cross Lutheran
Church helped celebrate the 36th anniversary
of Project Return, held at Marquette University.
Launched in October 1980 by a collection of Cross
Church members and others from the community,
Project Return’s purposes is to reach out to the
area minimum security prisons to help the inmates
with job seeking and other services, to help them
have a positive return to the community. A more
positive return reduces the chance of re-offending
and returning to the prison system. As part of the
celebration, two individuals were honored for their
volunteer work to further the mission of Project
Return. This year’s recipients are Oliver Johnson
(left) for the Elijah O’Neal Award of Excellence;
and Dwayne E. Early (right), who accepted the
Don Bein Service Award, on behalf of Hephatha Lutheran Church.