Honoring Grandparents – It’s Great To be Grand! (conclusion)

September 30, 2021

“To forget one’s ancestors
is to be a brook without
a source, a tree without a
~ Chinese Proverb

As church membership across the country ages, this certainly gives rise to the need for ministries that specifically serve to our aging population. If you haven’t done so already, consider establishing a Senior Adult Ministry in your church that will minister particularly to this age group. While these members have aged, they still have power and ability. They are still capable of serving others and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Any Senior Adult Ministry should empower seniors to continue to serve God whom they love so very much. Above all, love, honor and respect them for their faithful years of service and ministry to the church.

Another such ministry is a Nursing Home/Assisted Living Facility Visitation Ministry. Sometimes the loneliest people are those who are residents of nursing homes. Some Youth Ministries have initiated a nursing home visitation ministry taking youth to spend time encouraging and spending time with the elderly. Some mission groups also donate items and toiletries when visiting. As church members continue to age and as people live longer, there is certainly a need for a Nursing Home Visitation Ministry in the local church. As local mission groups regularly visit nursing homes, convalescent centers or the home of their own congregation’s sick and shut in, it eases the loneliness of an aged individual and puts Christian love in action.

Privacy Note: Please be careful to respect the privacy of all the individuals you visit. Never visit in a private home or a care facility or a hospital without the individual’s expressed consent. Also, when planning a mission outing to a nursing home facility, you must first familiarize yourself with and observe all the privacy rules of the institutions in which you minister as well as follow all safety protocols.

Remember – It’s Great to be Grand! Honor grandparents every day as they deserve to be remembered and honored for the tremendous contributions they have made in our lives.

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