Fatherhood Strengthening (Week 4)

June 24, 2021

“Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord.”
– Psalm 127:3

Dads, this week we will continue to offer some ideas to have fun with your children and enjoy them!

Family trip

Now that restrictions are being lifted, plan your next family trip together. Author Tommy Barnett, in his book, “The Power of a Half Hour” suggests spending some time with your children once a week dreaming and planning the details of your next family vacation. Pull out maps, look up places online. You will be teaching them how to plan and to dream big. Five or ten years from now your children won’t remember the toys or gifts that you bought them, but they will remember that you took time to spend good old-fashioned quality time with them!

It’s game night!

What’s your favorite board game? Whether it’s Checkers or Scrabble, pick a time once a week where you can play board games as a family. You will be able to teach your kids to play by the rules, and how to be a good sport if they win or lose!

Help your child grow while teaching them about how plants and vegetables grow

Try going to the back yard and showing your children how to plant and water seeds. Even if nothing ends up growing from the ground, by spending the time together your relationship with your children will grow!

Encourage your children’s creativity and imagination: make something together!

Take the back of a pizza box, or an empty cardboard box and make it a canvas for an art project that you can do together. You will be surprised what creative projects you and your child can come up with using the things that end up in the recycle bin. You and your child can make a sail boat of a plastic bowl, a pencil, some tape and a scrap of paper. Your young child will be excited at bath time when they realize something that they made actually floats in the bathtub!

Involve your teens in family dinner!

Once the kids hit their teenage years, it can be hard to consistently bring everyone together at the table for some much-needed family time. Get teens involved by having them plan the dinner menu and assist in making dinner that night. Encourage your teens to try something new for the family to try!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Dad!!!

It’s the craze – children realize their dad is a super hero. Show off your inner super hero by making your own super hero mask to show your child how super you are! You both can even decorate matching masks! Go Ahead! Have Fun! Be A Little Silly! You Are Your Child’s Super Dad!

Beloved, the ideas presented the last two weeks are intended to not only strengthen fatherhood but get creative with the time with your children. Again, when your children are older, they will look back on these years and be grateful for the quality time you spent with them, having fun, taking walks, gardening and making dinner together!!!!

Article Source: https://fatherhood.gov/for-dads/activities-for-dads-and-kids.

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