Fatherhood Strengthening (Week 2)

June 10, 2021

“Children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord.”
– Psalm 127:3

The Pathways for Fathers and Families is a program sponsored by the Milwaukee County Department of Child Support Services which is dedicated to ensuring that all children are supported by both parents whenever possible, with the mission to promote family stability, creating a better quality of life for the children of Milwaukee County.

Pathways for Fathers and Families is a dynamic program designed to strengthen father-child engagement, improve employment and economic opportunities, and improve healthy relationships in your life.

Pathways serves biological fathers, expectant and adoptive fathers, stepfathers, or a person who is serving as a father figure for a dependent child or young adult up to age 24 who lives in Milwaukee County.

Pathways invites fathers to join and get involved in three blended core program services and workshops which will be abbreviated here.

Responsible parenting

Pathways Responsible Parenting workshops cover topics such as:

• Child development and behaviors
• How to establish positive communication with children
• Skills for effective co-parenting
• Strategies for becoming an involved father
• The importance of financially providing for children

Healthy marriage/ relationship

These workshops and custom services will help fathers and couples work on skills like:

• Communication
• Handling conflict
• Reducing domestic violence
• Financial literacy
• Identifying safe/unsafe and healthy/unhealthy relationship patterns realistic for everyday life

Economic stability

Economic workshops and custom services will help with:

• Employment
• Child support budgets
• Career exploration
• Information about internships and other paid and unpaid work opportunities

For more information regarding programs offered by Pathways for Fathers and Families or to join a program in our area, contact the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative or visit Pathways for Fathers and Families online at: https://pathwaysmilwaukeecounty.org/programs/

For the next two weeks, this column will offer activities fathers and their children can engage in to increase their quality time together. You don’t want to miss it!!!!

Next Week: Continuation

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