You can’t keep a good man down: Pastor Sims returns to Jerusalem Baptist Church after illness

January 15, 2014


The wife and First Lady to Pastor Donnie Sims of Jerusalem Baptist Church, 2505 W. Cornell Street, recently shared with the congregation why Rev. Sims was away from church, and his return on Sunday morning, December 8, 2013. During morning worship, First Lady Sims said: “Dr. Sims had been suffering from dizziness and double vision, for which he was given medication by his physician. Within three days, Dr. Sims was back in the doctor’s office and was told to go to the emergency room. His ailment was misdiagnosed, as it was alleged he had suffered a stroke. Later, Pastor Sims and his daughter would visit his optician to purchase a pair of dark glasses to obscure the right eye. During that visit it was noted that his right eye wasn’t reacting to light. Dr. Sims was instructed to visit another medical center ‘RIGHT NOW!’ because of what the ophthalmologist saw in that eye. Dr. Sims and his daughter Michelle, were instructed to go immediately to a different hospital where he was diagnosed as having a fast growing aneurism which was sitting on the nerve of his brain which supplies the eye. Surgery was performed on Dr. Sims and he is recovering well. Pictured above are members of Jerusalem’s nursing staff, church secretary, Mrs. Nealie Sims, along with their son and worship participants.