#BabySafetyMonth – Conclusion

September 26, 2019

National Baby Safety Month was founded by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) in 1983. According to the National Day Calendar, “originally known as ‘Expectant Mother’s Day’, over the years the celebration has grown into a full month of information, education and focus on infant safety.” Every September, Baby Safety Month is observed. There are many ways to observe; one way is to use #BabySafetyMonth to post on social media sites to raise awareness.

In the conclusion of this series, compliments of JPMA, the following are some of the top hidden hazards to small children and babies that may be found in your home:

Magnets. Small magnets can be easily swallowed by children. Once inside the body, they can attract to each other and cause significant internal damage. Keep magnets out of your child’s reach. If you fear your child has swallowed magnets, seek medical attention immediately.

Loose change. Change floating around in pockets or purses may wind up on tables around the house, where curious children may be attracted to the shiny coins and ingest them. A great way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to assign a tray or jar for loose change and keep it out of a child’s reach.

Tipovers. Tipovers are a leading cause of injury to children and the best way to avoid them is to make sure all furniture and televisions are secured to the wall.

Loose rugs or carpet. Area rugs or carpet that is not secured to the floor causes a tripping hazard for little ones who may already be unstable on their feet. Make sure that all corners are taped down and bumps are smoothed out.

Detergent pods. It is estimated that thousands of children have been exposed to and injured by detergent pods. Easily mistaken by children as candy, these pods are a risk to the eyes, and if ingested, to their lives. It is important to keep these items out of reach of children.

Hot mugs. A relaxing cup of coffee or tea can quickly turn into an emergency if hot mugs are left unattended or are placed too near the edge of tables where little hands can grab them.

For additional information and safety tips visit the website of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association at: https://babysafetyzone.org/hot-topics/baby-safety-month.

Beloved, if you know a parent who could benefit from this series, contact Milwaukee Times Newspaper and obtain a copy of this entire series and gift them to a parent in honor of #BabySafetyMonth.

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