Annual Men’s Day service held at Union Hill Baptist Church

September 25, 2015

The annual Men’s Day observance was held at Union Hill Missionary Baptist Church, 2190 N. 49th Street, during morning worship on September 20. The guest speaker this year was Pastor Frank Headd of Spirit Of Christ Deliverance Church Inc., 4175 N. 42nd St. At the beginning of the service, nearly all of the men marched into the sanctuary singing and took their position in the choir stand where they sang several soul stirring selections. For this occasion, most of the men wore black ties, tuxedos, black shoes accentuated by white shirts. The theme for the event this year was “Living a Life that Exemplifies Christ.” In his remarks Pastor Headd said that any man who aspired to leadership must be prepared to serve others and base their life on faith in the Gospel. “Faith is so important that God used it himself to create the world by speaking it into reality,” Pastor Headd said. He also emphasized the importance of women and the incomplete nature of human being without a companion. “We all must admit that there are things that you and I by ourselves… just cannot do,” he said. “We need help. That is why He created them male and female.” Real fellowship and a loving relationship can only be accomplished through faith, he added.