The New Covenant District holds Second Annual High Tea Luncheon

April 28, 2013

Second Annual High Team LuncheonThe New Covenant District held its Second Annual High Tea Luncheon on Saturday, April 13, 2013  at St. Martin De Pores Church located on West Burleigh and Second Street. State Supervisor of the First Jurisdiction of Wisconsin, Mother Billie Jo Thomas was the keynote speaker. Over hundred church members were presented to hear an inspiring message and enjoy a beautifully prepared meal by Seasons of Grace caterers. This well attended spring luncheon is a brain child of Marshal Dorothy Clay. Clay has been active church leader for many years  here in Milwaukee. Pastor Victor C. Davis is the superintendant of New District and  Madame Ernestine Goodman is the district missionary .Pictured above is Elder Jeff Goodman, District Missionary Ernestine Goodman, Marshal Dorothy Clay, Supt. Victor Davis. Mother Billie Jo Thomas is pictured to the right with Evangelist Shirley Barnes Jones.