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UWM commits to ending equity gap in higher education

November 26, 2020

By Genaro C. Armas UWM is joining the Moon Shot for Equity, a national initiative with the goal of eliminating equity gaps in higher education by 2030. The announcement was made in late October. The Moon Shot for Equity is a public-private partnership with education firm EAB, which is dedicated to ensuring students of color… [Read More]

UWM Chancellor’s special message to the community

October 1, 2020

By Mark Mone Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee We prepare. We partner. We produce. This has held true throughout UWM’s history and it certainly won’t change now, because this is exactly what Wisconsin needs. The headwinds of 2020 are testing us all, and like you, UWM is braving them through nimble adjustments and resilience. Challenging times… [Read More]

UWM coach Pat Baldwin writes about the process of overcoming adversity

February 20, 2020

By Pat Baldwin Men’s basketball coach University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee One of the more popular catchphrases in sports today – you hear it all the time from coaches and athletes – is “trust the process.” As in, “We’ve just got to trust the process and we’ll get through this adversity,” or “I’m trusting the process and… [Read More]

UWM research spotlights need for teachers of color in schools

January 30, 2020

By: Genaro C. Armas One of the most important things schools can do for students of color is have teachers of color in their classrooms. It’s crucial for many reasons, but one of the basic reasons is this: Teachers of color have higher academic expectations for students of color than white teachers do, according to… [Read More]

Newest UWM graduates show education’s life-changing power

December 26, 2019

  By Mark A. Mone Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee held its 121st graduation ceremony on Dec. 15, and more than 2,100 students earned the right to walk across the commencement stage at UWM Panther Arena. Over the course of 2019, more than 5,000 students graduated from UWM, which is the… [Read More]

UWM coach emphasizes how small details build to big results

November 20, 2019

By Pat Baldwin Men’s basketball coach University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee We have big goals as a basketball team, but you don’t reach those big goals without first knocking off the little goals, one at a time, day in and day out. The same holds true for any business, organization or group – give yourselves permission to… [Read More]

Advancing the community with the M3 education partnership

October 23, 2019

By Mark Mone Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee It’s important to have partners in life, whether personal, at work, in sports or the arts. A significant partnership involving the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee that’s dedicated to improving our community’s future through education is earning national recognition and showing promising results. These hopeful signs, along with the start… [Read More]

UWM coach discusses why passing the chemistry test matters

July 25, 2019

By Pat Baldwin Men’s basketball coach University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee I think most coaches, no matter the sport, would say good team chemistry is an important element of success. Really, wherever people work together, whether it is in a corporate setting, a committee, or a volunteer or church activity, positive chemistry within the group leads to… [Read More]

Recent UWM graduate seized education to forge a better life

May 30, 2019

By: Sarah Vickery Josephine Hayes-Birchler just graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May with a bachelor’s degree. In the fall, she’ll attend dental school. And in April, she officially became an American citizen. It’s all a little unbelievable. “Five years ago, if you had asked me if I would be where I am right… [Read More]

UWM hosts ‘A Seat at the Table: Women in Leadership and Civic Engagement’

April 11, 2019

On Monday, April 1, 2019, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee welcomed Donna Brazile (left) and Kelly Ayotte (right) for a lively and thoughtful discussion entitled, “A Seat at the Table: Women in Leadership and Civic Engagement,” at UWM’s Union Wisconsin Room. The event focused on the topics of women in leadership, contemporary feminism, and the political… [Read More]