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Democrats defy ‘red wave’ to keep Senate control

November 17, 2022

Democrats took a post-election victory lap on Sunday, Novmeber 13, 2022, after retaining control of the U.S. Senate, defying Republican hopes for a “red wave” in the midterm elections, and turned their attention to Georgia, where a run-off contest could strengthen their hand in Congress. Democratic leaders portrayed the better-than-expected performance as vindication of their… [Read More]

Georgia on cusp of delivering Senate to Democrats as Rev. Warnock wins, Ossoff leads Perdue

January 7, 2021

Democrats won one U.S. Senate race in Georgia and led in another on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, moving closer to a sweep in a deep South state that would give them control of Congress and the power to advance President-elect Joe Biden’s policy goals. Raphael Warnock, a Baptist preacher from the historic church of Martin… [Read More]