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American Heart Association launches new ‘Check. Change. Control.’ program

March 31, 2022

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, the American Heart Association and Ascension Healthcare hosted a luncheon to announce the American Heart Association’s new high blood pressure management program called Check. Change. Control. (CCC) at Ebenezer Church of God in Christ, 3132 N. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive. CCC is an evidence-based high blood pressure management… [Read More]

How to deal with four common pregnancy complications

August 10, 2018

By: Brooklyn White Being pregnant is a magical, glorious time for many women. You get to spend nearly a year bonding with yourself and your unborn child. Truthfully speaking though, not everyone has a flawless experience with pregnancy. When I went in for my first OBGYN appointment as an expectant mother, I was told that… [Read More]