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May 3, 2018

The Staff of Adoption Choice, Inc.

Adoption Choice, Inc. (ACI), is a private, non-profit adoption agency that has been in business for over 30 years. The agency provides adoption services to the entire state of Wisconsin. These services include assisting families through a domestic infant adoption, an out-of-state foster care adoption, step-parent adoption, relative adoption, embryo adoption, and expectant/birth parent services. We also provide home study and post placement services for families desiring to pursue an out-of-state infant adoption or international adoption. Adoption Choice, Inc., has three office locations: Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay. There is also an Adoption Counselor who works out of her home in central Wisconsin. There are twelve staff members working for ACI who are all very passionate about adoption. Each office location provides monthly informational meetings for prospective families as well as adoption education to schools, churches, hospitals and other community organizations. Please check the website for further detailed information and dates of the monthly informational meetings.

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