Rebuilding our Community By Dr. Andrew Calhoun, Ed.D. 10/31/13

November 11, 2013

A time for honor

dr an

“Why do you want this so bad?”

This was the question Jo (Aunjanue Ellis) asked her husband Chief Carl Brashear (Cuba Gooding Jr.) in the movie “Men of Honor.” His answer to his wife was…“Because they said I couldn’t have it.” His wife asked this question of him to find out the real reason why he wanted to return to full active duty in the Navy as a deep water salvage diver after an accident cause him to lose one of his legs. In his quest to return to active duty, he had to go before a Naval review board to demonstrate that he was ready for active duty. After demonstrating that he was physically fit, he was re-certified and went on to serve 10 more years in the Navy as a master diver.
Similarly and with the same sentiment, focus and determination, people also should believe in the turnaround of Urban America, especially in Milwaukee. Even when it seems that the very foundations that once sustained neighborhoods over the years now stand in disarray. Many inner city residents who live in tough neighborhoods need a chance to demonstrate that they deserve a chance, investment and re-certification.
All across America, there is a lot of great work occurring in the inner city to make them a better place to live, work and play. Is it enough? And what else can be done? …are the critical questions that need to be answered. Most people would agree that a lot is at stake in terms of the health, safety, education and personal property in urban America. With each passing day, the cost continues to rise if the issues and challenges of residents are not addressed.
Today, the inner city is in need of men and women who for no other reason want to help bring urban neighborhoods back to life. It needs people who are in it for the right reasons and are working as hard as possible to make things happen. Of course there is a lot to do, roads to cross, hills to climb, fences to mend and bridges to build. But it is all possible, for all it takes are good people to do the right thing.

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