Wisconsin waiving road tests for new teen drivers

May 7, 2020

DMV changing requirements amid coronavirus pandemic

The Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles says teen drivers will no longer be required to pass a road test in order to receive their license.

The announcement was made Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

Officials said beginning May 11, teens can receive a waiver on the driving portion of their license application if they have completed driver education classes and have their parents’ permission.

Parents will need to complete forms to verify their teens have completed the necessary driving requirements.

“The Division of Motor Vehicles has been at the forefront of making changes to protect the public and our associates during the public health emergency, while continuing to provide vital public services,” Secretary-designee Craig Thompson said. “These pilot programs represent innovative solutions to help Wisconsin address challenges created by the pandemic.”

As many as 10,000 teens have been waiting to receive their licenses since the outbreak of the coronavirus, officials said.

Wisconsin will also now allow drivers aged 18-65 to renew their licenses online if they have not had a change in their vision.

Late fees have also been waived until July 25.

Officials said 98 percent of teens pass the road portion of their drivers’s tests on their first or second attempts.

Teen drivers who don’t pass are likely nervous, officials said.

DMV officials said the policy changes will limit in-person visits to local offices.

In-person road tests will still be offered for teen drivers who wish to complete them.

Officials said the road test portion of obtaining a license is a rite of passage for new teen drivers.

When road tests resume, state officials conducting them will take precautions to limit interactions with drivers.

The new DMV policies will be in place until the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Georgia’s governor signed an executive order last month to suspend most road test requirements for teen drivers.