Spring 2015 general election results

April 16, 2015

Untitled-1Wisconsin voters went to
the polls on Tuesday, April
7, 2015 to elect a Wisconsin
Supreme Court Justice and
a host of candidates vying
for circuit court positions,
county board seats, municipal
courts, aldermanic seats
and school boards.
On the ballot statewide,
incumbent Associate Justice
Ann Walsh Bradley handily
defeated her challenger,
Rock County Circuit Court
Judge James Daley. Bradley
received 463,571 votes while
Daley garnered 334,632
During a meeting with Pastors
United on April 1, 2015
at Jerusalem Baptist Church,
Justice Bradley hinted her opponent
had been influenced
by special interest groups,
which she felt should have
no influence in a non-partisan
judicial election. Bradley
touted the endorsement of
100 judges and her independence.
Locally, voters elected two
Milwaukee County Board
Supervisors to the 10th and
15th Districts respectively.
On Milwaukee’s Northside,
the son of Congresswoman
Gwen Moore, Supreme
Moore Omokunde,
won the 10th District board
seat, which became available
last November when former
Milwaukee County Board
Supervisor David Bowen
was elected to the 10th Assembly
District. He resigned
from the Count Board last
Edward Cullen, the son of
Milwaukee County Treasurer
David Cullen, won the 15th
District Milwaukee County
Board seat. For Omokunde
and Cullen, this was their
first campaigns for an elective
In the race for Milwaukee
School Board, Wendell Harris,
Sr., defeated incumbent,
Jeff Spence, who was first
elected to the board in 1999.
The incumbent School
Board President, Michael
Bonds, overwhelmingly defeated
challenger Stephany
Pruitt who works as a counselor
and psychotherapist.
Board members are elected
to serve four years, earning
$18,121 while the board
president is paid $18,667 and
health benefits.
Voters also approved
changing the state constitution
to allow supreme court
justices to elect their own
chief justice.