School Gets New Name after Media Mogul Donates $4 Million to Howard University

October 14, 2016

School Gets New Name after Media Mogul Donates $4 Million to Howard University

Howard University’s School of Communications, which has produced more black journalists than any school in the nation, will be renamed the Cathy Hughes School of Communications after receiving $4 million from the former faculty member and one of the most successful women in the media business.  While Howard will receive the entire amount, it will only be able to use 5 percent of the total, about $200,000, each year for the school, which its 45th anniversary this year..

While many school officials  voiced excitement about the donation, a philanthropy expert and others university officials familiar with the package said the university doesn’t appear to be getting proper value for naming the school after Hughes.   The university had previously named the school after John H. Johnson, founder of EBONY and Jet magazines after a promise of a $4 million, but changed the name back after Johnson family pulled out of the agreement following the patriarch’s death.  VICTORIA JONES 1000 words