Rev. Dr. Ellis Wilkins celebrates 91st birthday

June 24, 2021

Photo by Yvonne Kemp

On Saturday, June 12, 2021, the Rev. Dr. Ellis Wilkins (center, white hat and shirt) celebrated his 91st Birthday with drive-by and party with his family and friends. On June 2, 1930, in a shanty house in Wesson, Arkansas, Dr. Wilkins was born to John and Bessie Wilkins. Though his beginnings were humble, Dr. Wilkins would go on to accomplish many great things and inspire many people.

Dr. Wilkins who was affectionately known to those who knew him as Junior, Dumas and Uncle Bubba was blessed by God with an innate gift for music, particularly in playing the piano. Without one formal lesson, Dr. Wilkins would begin to build a name for himself as a pianist. Eventually, his talent would take him around the world. During his return to Arkansas, Dr. Wilkins would meet a pretty alto singer who captivated him with her voice and beauty. After pursuing Ms. Mary Louise (Madea) she would agree to become his girlfriend and later his wife. They were together for 65 years and 9 months, until she passed in September of 2019. These days Dr. Wilkins has many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to help celebrate his 91st birthday and to occupy his time.

Happy 91st Birthday Dr. Wilkins!