Milwaukee Health Services, Inc. host press conference to address concerns over grant awarding to local hospital

May 2, 2019

Event Photo

On Monday, April 15, 2019, Milwaukee Health Services, Inc. (MHSI) hosted a press conference at their MLK Heritage Health Center, 2555 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive. The conference was called in order address grievances MHSI and several other local community health organizations had with the awarding of a recent government grant, to address the issue of preventing poor birth outcomes before they happen, to a large corporate entity that runs a large local hospital.

The press conference featured MHSI President and CEO Dr. Tito Izzard (right) and and State Senator Lena Taylor (left), along with other local health leaders to publicly acknowledge their grievances with the grant awarding processes, and the local city leaders and offices who were involved with this project.