Meet Tim Rogers candidate for U.S. Congressional District 4

August 6, 2020

Tim Rogers – Staff Photo

Hi, my name is Tim Rogers. I have been in the city of Milwaukee for more than 50 years. I have my roots in this city and I have watched it being taken down by tradition and the conditioning of the Milwaukee voter. The conditioning of the voter who votes for the Democratic progressive systemic machine and is never taught that the machine is their enemy. The system that gives you a 2.8 percent property tax is the same system that has a failing school system.

The system has alienated the police department from the individual citizen. The current system is a proven failing system. This particular system confuses the public into believing that it is the white conservative that keeps Milwaukee under the watch of the Democratic machine.

This machine is kept in place through the school system and has no intention of helping Milwaukee to be a success. With a society of conditioned social class that continues the Democratic process you, the voter, will have little value. This same system tells you to trust in God, but limits church singing to God.

How did this happen? A most important question is why the voter for decades has repeatedly continued to vote for a failing city process and coerces state and federal government with the constant tunes of systemic racism and income disparity. How is it possible to get the truth out?

One way to get the truth out is to promote a Historic Black College or University (HBCU) in Milwaukee. Furthermore, let there be more HBCUs, let the idea resonate throughout the other major cities.

In May of 2020 it was proposed that an HBCU be set up in Detroit. This led to possible lawsuits and claims of discrimination. The answer is that in 2013, the only HBCU in the Midwest closed its doors in Detroit. I propose we reopen that facility and use it for a charter university. In addition, I propose that President Trump put in place a moratorium on civil lawsuits against black universities. Passing this legislation will enhance Blacks in the inner cities and promote a challenge to start and finish school.

I engage a renaissance that will supersede the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and I believe that talented Blacks can flourish and give back to the city that once held valued traditions. It could possibly end the years of begging for federal and state funds to run the MPS system. The presence of an HBCU could offer an opportunity for the marginalized Black student to take ownership of his or her future.

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