Library at Dr. George Washington Carver Academy renamed for former educator

August 5, 2021

On Friday, July 27, 2021, at the home of Joyce A. Hall a private ceremony was held in honor of the renaming of the Dr. George Washington Carver Academy library, to the Joyce A. Hall Library. For more than 36 years Joyce was a full-time reading teacher at Carver, then called Henry L. Palmer School. After her retirement in 1994, Joyce would return a few month later as a volunteer reading specialist, meeting twice a week with about 10 students per day. Even at the age of 88 years old, Joyce enjoyed immensely helping students learn and looked forward to seeing her students each week. It wasn’t until after a fall at school that Joyce, with great sadness, decided to retire from her volunteer work.

Back in May 2021 local community organizer Billy Smith had the idea to honor Joyce for her many years of service in education by renaming Carver Academy’s library after her.

Working with Milwaukee Public Schools, The Milwaukee Times and Joyce’s daughter – Milwaukee Urban League President and CEO Dr. Eve Hall – were able to get the renaming to happen. “She was shocked,” said Eve Hall, when she told her mother the news, “She has never done any of her work for recognition. This makes this honor more special.”

Joyce was previously honored by the Milwaukee Times and WISN-TV 12 at the 2013 Black Excellence Awards ceremony as an Education Pioneer.