Lester L. Carter, for Healing the Human Body with God’s Remedies

January 7, 2018

Copies of Dr. Carter’s new book:
“Healing the Human Body with God’s Remedies” are available for purchase at the following Milwaukee
locations for $10 Wisconsin sales tax included:

Hayat-Carter Herbal Shoppe
2400 W. Burleigh St.
Milwaukee, WI 53206
414-442- 8760

Hayat Pharmacy
1919 W. North Ave.
Milwaukee, Wi 53205
414-347- 0000

And through
The Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper Printing & Publishing
1936 N. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr.
Milwaukee, WI 53212
414-263- 5088

For those who are interested in receiving a copy of the book and for whom visiting a store in person is
impractical, The Milwaukee Times will accept credit card orders by phone. Your book will be shipped
Priority Mail through the United State Postal Service, however due to the increased cost of processing
credit card orders, the cost of shipping and labor required to write out the address and take the package
to the Post Office, the cost of telephone orders is $20 Wisconsin sales tax included. Please note The
Milwaukee Times does not earn a profit on the shipping and handling fee. Thank you for your support.

Payment should be by credit card or money order

made out to Dr. Lester L. Carter, Jr. RPH.