Kohl’s donates $1.5 million to Discovery World for STEM education access

March 21, 2019

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, Kohl’s announced it will award a $1.5 million grant to Discovery World, over three years, to increase access to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for children and families in Milwaukee’s most vulnerable communities through Kohl’s Design It!, a hands-on, educational program that encourages students and families to use technology to turn imagination into reality.

“Kohl’s is proud to continue our partnership with Discovery World to provide opportunities for students and families to participate in free, interactive STEM programming, increasing their knowledge of the disciplines and exposing them to careers in the field,” said Jen Johnson, Kohl’s senior vice president of communications. “We applaud the work Discovery World is doing in bringing hands-on, age-appropriate learning centered around design and creativity to kids in our community.”

Discovery World will allocate Kohl’s funding to bring highly innovative STEM education to the fingertips of more local children and families through the following efforts:

Free school visits to Discovery World: Students from more than 250 qualifying local schools, with 50 percent or more of the student population living in poverty, will have the opportunity to visit Discovery World to participate in Kohl’s Design It! Lab at no cost. At the Kohl’s Design It! Lab, students harness their creativity by partaking in collaborative artand design-focused STEM projects.

No-cost community- based programming for families: The Kohl’s Design It! Mobile Lab will travel to organizations in Milwaukee communities and qualifying schools, with 70 percent or more of the total student base living in poverty, to introduce families and students to the intellectually stimulating STEM field through engaging demonstrations and a variety of hands-on learning activities, including product development.

“Kohl’s Design It! has become a pivotal resource for local students and families to receive hands-on educational programming focused on creativity, innovation and design,” said Amy Panicucci, Discovery World’s director of marketing. “Kohl’s generous support helps us educate, motivate, mobilize, and inspire the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow by providing impactful and engaging educational experiences today.”

Since 2010, Kohl’s and Kohl’s Cares have committed $7.5 million to Discovery World to launch and support the Kohl’s Design It! educational program, which includes the Kohl’s Design It! Lab and the Kohl’s Design It! Mobile Lab.

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