Girls Night Out: Educating women of color about breast cancer

June 25, 2015

Do you have questions, family history, or need resources regarding breast cancer?

By: Jarreau Sims
Special for the Milwaukee Times


Girls Night Out is a program that addresses the questions and misconceptions about breast cancer in minority communities. The program was created by Paulette Christian in collaboration with local organizations and education institutions jointly called “The Partners in Pursuit of the Promise along with Nurses Affecting Change.” As a cancer survivor with over twenty years of experience in the medical industry, Ms. Christian felt that after overcoming her bout with cancer there was an imperative need to address the minimal access to medical information and resources available to women of color

The Girls Night Out program is free and specifically designed for women of color ages 18 and up. The program meets in hair salons primarily located in the African American community throughout the city of Milwaukee on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. This allows the program to be more accessible to its target demographic by meeting after work. Meeting in hair salons also naturally promotes an environment of honest communication and support among women since hair salons have historically been a social and informational hub in the African American community.

When women attend one of these informative interactive discussions they can expect to get a very detailed breakdown of how early detection could save lives. They will receive informative literature on how to do breast health self-examinations. The participants also have the option of getting a free onsite clinical breast examination administered by a licensed medical professional. The entire presentation is usually an hour long and the presenters are happy to answer any breast cancer related questions once the presentation has concluded. If you are a salon owner, then this program would be a great educational opportunity for you and your clients. No men, children or young ladies under the age of 18 are allowed.

Please call to schedule your “Girls Night Out” event; what a great opportunity to show your clients you really care.

For more information please contact Paulette Christian at or (414) 841-2454.