General Baptist State Convention VP and wife injured in car accident

October 2, 2015


Rev. Robert and Mrs. Lizzie McFarland of True Heart Missionary Baptist Church, 4300 W. Hampton Ave., were in Memphis, Tennessee for the annual meeting of the National Baptist Convention USA Inc. While there, Rev. and Mrs. McFarland were involved in a very serious car accident and were hospitalized for injuries they suffered. Information is sketchy, but we can tell you they are out of intensive care and are recuperating at Regional 1 Health Care Center; and telephone (901) 545-8787 for the address where you can send flowers and cards. They are still in the hospital and recovering slowly. Rev. McFarland holds the key position of Vice President At-Large with The General Baptist State Convention of Wisconsin, Inc. Rev. and Mrs. McFarland are pictured here recently at Way of the Cross Missionary Baptist Church, 1401 W. Hadley Street where Rev. Kurt Boyd is the pastor and is the son of Mrs. McFarland. We encourage everyone who knows Rev. and Mrs. McFarland to keep them in your prayers daily