Alford testimony before US Commission for Civil Rights

October 1, 2015

Harry C. Alford

National Black Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Harry C. Alford recently spoke against President Obama’s Executive Action to create a Project Labor Agreement, a policy requiring all federal construction contracts adhere to union norms. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is hoping to convince a majority of the Senate to override this decision. Below is a very brief summary of the testimony Alford gave before the US Commission for Civil Rights.

Ninety eight percent of Black and Hispanic construction companies are nonunion shops, according to Alford. “Thus, a Project Labor Agreement greatly limits the opportunities for Black and Hispanic firms whenever they are used. The possibility of Black and Hispanic labor is greatly suppressed also.” Alford also accused the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with violating Section 3 of its charter requiring at least 30 percent of work on public housing be spent on people living in public housing or below the poverty level. He also criticized President Obama for having the Environmental Protection Agency implement stricter clean air rules, despite the fact that the President’s Cap and Trade Bill did not pass Congress in 2009.