Ald. Zielinski and MPD prepare for future ‘Miltown Throwdown’ events

October 8, 2015


Alderman Tony Zielinkski and officials from the Milwaukee Police Department announced a new strategy for curbing dangerous ‘nuisance’ behavior that accompanied the 2015 Miltown Throw- down motorcycle gathering in early August. Alderman Zielinski said riders blocked traffic, drove on the sidewalk, and recklessly damaged property, including an MPD squad car which was struck by a motorcyclist trying to pass while speeding. Residents of the affected neighborhoods complained that police did not do enough to deter offenders. “Milwaukee’s rich motorcycle heritage was sullied by a handful of bad actors and poor behavior,” Alderman Zielinski said. “But with some proactive policing and the targeted enforcement of our existing ordinances, we have a plan in place to pre- vent a repeat of what hap- pened in August.” Using news footage and videos taken during the event, Alderman Zielins- ki said MPD has identified participants who served as spokespersons and organizers. The police will hold these persons responsible for obtaining a permit to host any future events. Failure to comply would make each organizer subject to a $500 citation for hosting an unpermitted event as well as each participant liable to a $500 citation for unlawful assembly.