Transforming neighborhoods where we work, live and play

March 19, 2020

As Wisconsin’s largest community foundation, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation is a catalyst for positive change in Milwaukee through the generosity of its donors and strength of its community partnerships.

Hand in hand with the community, the Foundation has driven investment and impact in education, youth engagement, and economic development to support people where they work, live and play.

The Foundation, together with its donors, committed more than $61 million in grant funding to the community last year – opening the door to new opportunities and a higher quality of life. Here are some recent examples of how the Greater Milwaukee Foundation is investing to unlock our community’s potential:

• Milwaukee Succeeds: The Foundation and the communitywide educational partnership it launched and houses, together are aligning investment around a common vision for Milwaukee’s youngest learners, particularly improving access and affordability for quality early childhood care and education.

• YWCA Southeast Wisconsin: $150,000 to support evaluation of the YWCA’s racial justice programming and map the current state of efforts in Milwaukee to impact racial injustices.

• MATC Foundation: $175,750 for JobUP Milwaukee, a cooperative workeducation pilot program that combines traditional classroom learning with paid onthe- job experiences.

• WestCare Wisconsin: $40,000 to support the organization’s food pantry expansion plans to meet the need of children, youth and families in the Harambee neighborhood.

• African American Breastfeeding Network: $80,000 to support its community lactation and breastfeeding program to help improve maternal and infant health through education and support services.

• Urban Economic Development Association of Wisconsin: $50,000 for Bank On Greater Milwaukee, a program that works with workforce development agencies to educate and integrate banking options for unbanked and underbanked individuals. For more information on the work of the Foundation, please visit