Fifteen easy and festive ideas for Thanksgiving decorations

November 15, 2018

By William S. Gooden

Every year millions of Americans face the same dilemma. You are having a house full of people for Thanksgiving weekend. And your home looks far from warm and inviting and you are far from an interior design whiz. Fear not; with a few simple ideas and a little creativity you can turn your home from drab and dreary into holiday chic in no time.

1.Outdoor string lights
Soft, frosted bulbs help set the mood outdoors. Pro tip: Plant posts in the ground on either end of the table, then use ’em to attach string lights.

2. Pear centerpiece
Stock up on seasonal produce at the grocery store for a chic (and cheap) table decoration. Cut out paper “leaves” and write down messages of gratitude — or use them as easy place cards.

3. Orange berry fall wreath
While this beautiful personalized wreath from Elegant Wreath on is impressive on your front door, it might break the bank at $81.00. You can achieve the same look with a less expensive wreath, wood letters, ribbon and white paint from a craft store.

4. Rockin’ place cards
Paint smooth stones with gold craft paint, then write guests’ names with metallic marker to give a woodsy accent to your fall tables scapes.

5. Watercolor white pumpkin wall art
Sweet Little Ones

No time to wait for shipping? Print out this adorable piece of artwork at home and pop it in a frame you already have. You can even order it in other colors to create a little pumpkin patch on your gallery wall.

6. Cozy throws
There’s nothing better than crisp fall air. Move the table outside — just like the original Thanksgiving! — for a change of pace at this year’s dinner. Warm it up with snuggly pillows, faux-fur throws, and a pretty accent rug.

7. Apple and wheat wreath
Three Posts

Flowers, foliage, apples, pinecones, wheat: This wreath checks off all of your fall favorites in one go.

8. Pumpkin vine centerpiece
If your table runner’s looking a little bare, we’ve got you covered. Twist faux ivy and wire vines around gourds for decor that looks pretty from every place setting.

9. Acorn LED string lights
Impress Life

These teeny-tiny acorn lights would look so cute wrapped around a wreath or on top of the fireplace. Bonus: You can switch them on and off with a remote control, so you don’t have to get up from your Thanksgiving food coma.

10. Grateful throw pillow

Swap out your summery pillows for new seasonal set. And at just $15, you can buy two and not feel bad about it.

11. Turkey tea light candle holders
The Lakeside Collection

How cute are these feathered friends?! Don’t forget to stock up on tea lights while you’re at it.

12. DIY leaf table runner
Cut foliage out of colorful felt, and you’ve got a runner and protection for your table from hot plates and those inevitable cranberry sauce spills.

13. Cabled knit pumpkin

You can choose between colors like pumpkin orange, rustic wheat, or chocolate brown, but this lil’ squash is so adorable we want to order all of them.

14. Sunset wheat wreath
Dried Flowers and Wreaths LLC

Even your judgey aunt will be impressed with this pick. The rainbow of colors make the stalks stand out from the rest.

15. Autumn browns rattan lights

Grouped in a glass container or spread over the length of your mantel, these string lights will kick your mood lighting up a notch. Just put on A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and prepare for a cozy night in.