5 Points Art Gallery & Studios “This Is America” exhibition opening

June 13, 2019

American identity and nationalistic pride are celebrated and challenged in “This Is America” exhibition June 28

This Is America, 5 Points Art Gallery & Studios’ 4th art show, is a consciously curated group exhibition coinciding with the United States’ Independence Day with visual artworks by 17 artists from traditionally overlooked vantage points, responding to the patriotism and nationalism the holiday was constructed to imbue.

This Is America is meant to both corroborate and challenge the notion of Americanism, citizenship and belonging, racial representation, historical and cultural influence, religious freedom, national and global amnesty, and pride in iconography associated with the red, white and blue, stars and stripes. With a breadth of work reflecting upon current and historical concepts and lived experiences, viewers are posed to find commonality or grapple with divergent perspectives tied to their nationalistic, political, and racial identities.

This Is America exhibiting artists are Wisconsin-based, national, and international and works are equally diverse, including but not limited to paintings, drawings, collages, textiles/fiber art, mixed media compositions, photography, audio visual, sculptures, and conceptual installations.

Featured artists: Alain Cabrera (Havana, Cuba), Charly Palmer (Atlanta, GA), David Najib Kasir (Milwaukee, WI), Della Wells (Milwaukee, WI), Erik Salgado (Chicago, IL), Evelyn Patricia Terry (Milwaukee, WI), Fatima Laster (Milwaukee, WI), George Williams Jr. (Beloit, WI), Kierston Ghaznavi (Milwaukee, WI), Marvin Tate (Chicago, IL), Mutope J. Johnson (Milwaukee, WI), Portia Cobb (Milwaukee, WI), Rhonda Gatlin-Hayes (Milwaukee, WI), Ruthie Joy (Milwaukee, WI), Sonji Hunt (Milwaukee, WI), Spencer Hutchinson (Chicago, IL), and Xavier Lightfoot (Milwaukee, WI).

This poignant exhibition is on display until August 25, 2019. Artist talk will occur at 7 p.m. (CST) opening night.

For more information about 5 Points Art Gallery & Studios, please call (414) 988-4021, email 5pointsartgalleryandstudios@gmail.com, or visit the gallery’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/5PtsArtGallery/.

Although open, 5 Points Art Gallery & Studios is still fundraising for 100 percent completion. If interested in contributing to the project, please visit the GoFundMe link below or contact the gallery.

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