Trans-Professionals provides transportation and quality customer service

February 21, 2019

Kurt Mosley

Kurt Mosley treats his clients like family.

Mosley owns Trans-Professionals, which offers non-emergency medical transportation to doctor offices, dialysis, cancer care, adult day care and other appointments throughout southeast Wisconsin.

Mosley, who also is the company’s CEO/Director of Operations, is passionate about making sure clients are treated with courtesy and respect.

“For us, customer service is everything. We want to make sure we pick up our client on time, we drop them off on time and, while we’re doing that, we have a great conversation in the car. It’s all about making them feel comfortable about being with us,” he said.

“I have a rule that dialysis and cancer patients go home first. I’ve heard so many complaints in the industry where someone picked up a client from dialysis at noon and they didn’t get home until 2 p.m.,” Mosley said.

“One of the reasons I got into this business was I started hearing these complaints, and I thought, ‘I can do this so much better, because they don’t care,’” he said. “I care about the clients from a personal standpoint. I have a family member on dialysis, one of my best friends is on dialysis, and I had a family member who was undergoing cancer treatment. I know that after their appointments, they were exhausted, and they wanted to go home.”

The company drives clients from group homes, IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self Direct) a self-directed long-term care option, and My Choice Family Care, a managed care organization, as well as private-pay customers

The Trans-Professionals staff becomes close to their regular customers, Mosley said. “Ninety-seven percent of our customers ride by themselves, so when they get in the van, they’re riding with the driver and that’s it. There is a lot of individual one-on-one time with clients. When they cancel because they aren’t feeling well, drivers ask how they’re doing. One driver today asked me: ‘Do I need me to bring them some soup or something?’ They take it really personally.”

That type of dedication, along with support from his wife, Michelle, led to My Choice Family Care nominating Mosley and Trans-professionals for the Milwaukee Times’ Black Excellence Award.

“I was really shocked even to be nominated, only because I feel like I’m just doing what was supposed to be done in the first place. I guess I’m starting to realize the service we give is a little bit different than most companies. The award means someone is out there appreciating what this business is doing for the client,” Mosley said.

This is the second consecutive year someone in his family is being honored with a Black Excellence Award. Last year his mother, Lennie Mosley, was named as a Voluntarism honoree. “For me to be part of that the very next year is very rewarding and very touching. It’s awesome that someone recognizes what we’re trying to do for the community and clients,” he said.

“I have a great staff; my staff is incredible, and without them – and my wife – there is no way we would have gotten nominated for this award. Because without them, we’re not giving great service,” he explained.

While Trans-Professionals officially began in March 2016, the company didn’t start serving clients until August 2017. “We did our homework to find the right vans, the right clients and the right location before we actually started driving, which most people don’t do,” Mosley said. “They think they’ll just get a van and start driving. We did our homework before we did anything else.”

Mosley’s immediate plans are to continue to provide top-notch customer service. “We’re going to keep growing the business in a positive manner and see if we can make this a very large organization, so we can help out more people in community,” he said.

Kurt Mosley was honored at the The 34th Black Excellence Awards on Friday, Feb. 15, 2019 at the Italian Conference Center, 631 E. Chicago St.

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