Top five ways to help bully-proof your child

August 11, 2022

What should you do if your child is being bullied? Boys Town announced strategies to help keep your child safe from bullies.

The national child and healthcare organization, which started more than 90 years ago, is a leader in parenting advice.

Following are five ways to bully-proof your children:

1. Encouragement

Encourage your child to develop strong, healthy friendships.

2. Talking

Take the time to talk to your child every day about his/her day at school.

If you talk regularly, your child is more likely to open up and tell you when there is a problem.

3. Find a way to stop the bully

Take a solution-focused approach if your child indicates he/she has been a bullying target.

Brainstorm possible solutions and consider the pros and cons of each option and share them with your child.

4. Partnership

Partner with your child’s school. Approach your child’s teachers and administrators and ask for their help in creating a safe learning environment.

5. Communication

Communicate your love. Tell your child you are proud of him/her and that he/she always has your support.

“Parents should watch for warning signs of bullying which include: unexplained injuries, lost or destroyed clothing, changes in eating habits, and difficulty sleeping at night,” Laura Buddenberg, Training Director at Boys Town said. “Warning signs also include a declining interest in grades, not wanting to go to school, or faking illness.”

If you would like more help addressing a specific situation, trained counselors are available at the Boys Town National Hotline. Call 1-800-448-3000.

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