The best home workout options for social distancing

May 7, 2020

With stay-at-home orders having been in effect for the more than a month and social distancing becomes the new norm, fitness lovers are turning to free online workouts to ensure they stay in shape during the quarantine.

Many national chains and prominent fitness groups have taken their otherwise expensive classes online for free to non-members, helping keep Americans moving and grooving in the privacy of their homes, in an attempt to boost physical activity levels.

Here are some popular gyms that are offering free classes in the event of COVID-19.

24 Hour Fitness – Anyone can get access to their 24GO app, which features access to more than 1,500 workouts. You can easily customize workouts to your skill level, modify exercises as needed and fit a workout into your schedule anytime. The app also features goal tracking so you can schedule workouts, helping you stay on track.

Anytime Fitness – Check out Anytime Fitness’ Facebook page that offers free daily workouts, complete with themes. They sometimes even provide family-themed workouts, which are great exercise for children that are out of school and restricted from getting their energy out on playgrounds.

Gold’s Gym – Now offering free premium access to their digital personal training program, Gold’s AMP has on-demand video workouts.

Nike Training Club – If you don’t have any weights, you’re in luck! Choose from over 200 workouts that range from cardio and strength training to yoga without having to dole out some serious cash. The premium version is intended for those that have weights and want to move up a level in their exercise routines. However, you can easily combine several free workouts to form one booty- busting sweat session.

Orangetheory – Coveted by celebrities, this gym specializes in high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Every day on YouTube, they will upload a new 30-minute workout that you can easily do at home.

Planet Fitness – This inexpensive gym is featuring 20-minute work-ins that don’t require any equipment and are modified so you can do them anywhere in your home. They plan to continue offering these videos for free while all their locations are closed.

PopSugar Fitness – Get a variety of HIIT, cardio and other classes at home and stream right over YouTube. Peloton App – If you own a Peloton tred or bike, you’re lucky. Now, the app is free for 90 days so anyone can take in a variety of classes, including yoga, meditation, spin, running, strength and stretching. Equipment may be required for some workouts, such as a stationary bike or a treadmill, but these workouts are easy to modify.

Snap Fitness – Offering a variety of healthy recipes, at home workouts and mental health exercises, this is a one stop exercise shop that offers a little bit of everything to help you get through social isolation.

Strong by Zumba – Offering several high-intensity fitness options on YouTube you can choose from 7-minute, 20-minute and 30-minute workouts. You can even stream workouts by celebrity trainer Erin Oprea.

YMCA – YMCA 360 offers at-home workouts and videos that are free to everyone.

Humans naturally gravitate towards interacting with their own kind, so self-care is critical during isolation. Get your daily physical activity in, learn to meditate and consider taking up some new hobbies during this stressful time. If you want to visit with friends and family, consider using one of the video apps we recommend.