Superfoods: Foods with Benefits (part 5)

April 18, 2013

NannoTalking Health with Dr. Carter

By Dr. Lester Carter
Owner, Carter Drug Store

Hippocrates had it right around 300 B.C. when he advised, “Make thy food thy medicine, and thy medicine thy food.” (We’re slow learners as a race, aren’t we?) We discuss 10 superfoods. Traditionally defined, these foods have exceptional properties. A grocery list follows the discussion. It features the foods most frequently rated as “super.”
Please note that although there is currently an exciting trend toward vegetarianism (no flesh foods), vegan (no foods sourced from animals), and raw food diets, we list foods from both dairy and meat categories.

Dr. Carter

Dr. Carter

Marine phytoplankton…
Marine WHAT?!
Marine phytoplankton means microscopic single-cell plants from the sea. These tiny plants are the food of the world’s largest mammals. They form the foundation of the marine food chain. There are 40,000 different strains, not all of which are suitable for human consumption. Most importantly, they produce as much as 90 percent of the world’s oxygen supply.
The newest superfood on the block, marine phytoplankton hit the ground running with a YouTube video promising every health benefit but Everlasting Life. Although it’s not that good, marine phytoplankton has much to recommend it as a food.
The scientific name of the specific strain being grown for humans is Nannochloropsis gaditana. Nanno marine phytoplankton provides a rare and complete alkaline food with high digestibility that gives the body all the raw materials that it needs to produce healthy new cells and neurochemicals for the body and brain.
These simple plants convert sunlight, water, and minerals into protein and carbohydrates. They also contain a wide range of trace elements, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll. Because of their simple structure, Nanno phytoplankton is extremely easy for humans to digest and assimilate at the cellular level, literally bypassing the digestive system, unlike land-based plant or animal foods.
Nutrition News strongly recommends that if you are interested in this powerful food, you purchase it from a trusted natural products store rather than price shop it online.
It seems that some unscrupulous sellers are promoting watered down and “live” versions. Living product would continue growing and burst its container!

Your superfoods grocery list
The top 10 super foods
• Açai berries
• Aloe vera
• Bee products
• Green grasses & algae
• Nutritional yeast
• Soybeans
• Dark chocolate
• Eggs
• Tea
• Whey protein

• #1 tomatoes
• sweet potatoes
• leafy greens (chard, spinach)
• pumpkin
• allium family (garlic, onions, etc.)
• cruciferous family (broccoli, cabbage, kale)
• sea veggies (nori, wakame, kelp)

• veggie sprouts
• #1 berries
• cherries & tart cherries
• avocados

Nuts & Seeds
• walnuts
• hemp seeds

• #1 lentils
• black beans
• red beans

Whole grains
• #1 barley
• oats
• quinoa

Meats & fish
• #1 salmon
• sardines
• bison