Partners in Pursuit of the Promise: Inside knowledge

September 8, 2014

DSC_0766Cancer affects women in all population groups. However, data reflective of trends in cancer incidence, diagnosis, mortality, and survival reveal that Black women bear a disproportionate burden. Research has shown that awareness, screening and follow-up of abnormal screening results are the best way for Black women to lower their risk of dying from cancer.
Several health care systems, cancer foundations and local advocacy groups have undertaken efforts to promote cancer awareness, detection and control. Yet, many women, especially those that reside in central city neighborhoods of SE Wisconsin, experience barriers navigating the complexities of the health care system. Inside Knowledge was presented to help reverse this trend.
Inside Knowledge is a campaign designed and launched by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to increase knowledge and awareness about the signs and symptoms of the gynecologic cancers. The program, which was sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing with funding provided to the Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Control Program and support from the Wisconsin Well Woman Program, featured Dr. Felicia D. Robertson, Aurora Health Care (Wauwatosa, WI); Dr. Gladys Onojobi, Howard University Medical Center (Washington, DC); Dr. Patricia McManus, Black Health Coalition (Milwaukee, WI), Gale Johnson, Wisconsin Well Woman Progam (Madison, WI); Bonnie Anderson, Nurses Effecting Change (Milwaukee, WI) and Dr. Sandra Millon Underwood, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI).
The program speakers emphasized that women should: Know their bodies; know what is normal for them; see a doctor for unexplained signs or symptoms of disease that last over two weeks; obtain recommended cancer screening tests; and obtain health care coverage.
To obtain information about Inside Knowledge, copies of the information presented at the program, and/or a schedule of upcoming events contact Sandra Millon Underwood RN, PhD at 414-229-6032.