Health-related DNA results from the All of Us Research Program

November 17, 2022

When you joined the All of Us Research Program, we told you that you may learn more about your health. One way we can help you learn more is by sharing information about your DNA with you.

Right now, All of Us can provide you with two reports about how your DNA may affect your health. Those two reports are called your Hereditary Disease Risk and Medicine and Your DNA.

Hereditary disease risk

Hereditary means something that is, or can be, passed down from parents to children. Genetic variants, or differences in your DNA, can be hereditary. Some can affect your health. Certain genetic variants mean you may have a higher risk of getting a disease than the average person.

If you want to see your Hereditary Disease Risk report, we will check your DNA for several genes that are associated with serious health conditions. You can find a full list of these genes on our website at All of these conditions have treatment or prevention options. If you are at a higher risk for them, knowing that information can be important for your health.

In the genes we will look at, most people (about 98 out of 100) do not have genetic variants that may increase their chance of getting a disease. If we find that you do have a genetic variant that may increase your risk, you should confirm your All of Us results with a clinical DNA test. We can offer you that test at no cost. Then, you and your doctor or health care provider can decide if you should make changes to your health care.

If your DNA results show you may have a higher genetic risk for developing a health condition, it does not mean that you will definitely get it in your lifetime. It also does not mean that you have it now. It means that you have a higher chance of getting a certain health condition than the average person. Similarly, if you do not have genetic variants in the genes we will look at, you may still develop a serious health condition in the future.