Available – December 06, 2021: Be One in a Million

December 9, 2021

Linda Jackson-Cocroft

BLACK WOMEN 50+ MAGAZINE’s November/ December issue is now available – pick up a free copy today! Filled with Black empowerment and education, this month’s issue invites us to explore how we can reward ourselves and our families with a “gift that keeps on giving” by joining the All of Us Research Program. VISIT: JoinAllofUs.org

With a highlight on “Health and Spirituality: Connecting Thought to Actions,” publisher Linda Jackson-Cocroft broadens understanding of the All of Us Research Program through the eyes of renowned pastors, Bishop Monica Parchia-Price of the Mount Zion Healing Temple, and Pastor Teresa Thomas-Boyd.

Native Milwaukeeans, Pastors Parchia-Price and Thomas-Boyd view the community and their congregations through a co-joined lens of physical health and spiritual health. Ministering to the whole person – mind, body, and soul – these advocate- pastors proclaim the good news of life, light, and love as integral components of our health, wealth, and achievements.

The All of Us Research Program has been promoting sign-up opportunities for this innovative, long range, and health-changing initiative, first created during President Obama’s administration, in our Black newspapers throughout the year and on the radio station WNOV 860.

This month’s BLACK WOMEN 50+ Magazine expands the information and shows ways to sign up and “Be One in a Million” to learn more about your own health, the future health of our children, and that of their children. The sign-up is simple. You register and consent online at JoinAllofUs.org and then answer some survey questions about your health. The next step is to call (414) 955-2689 or email allofus@mcw.edu to schedule an appointment to give blood and urine samples and have your physical measurements taken. Upon completing this step, you’ll receive a $25 gift card as a “thank you” for your time.

But the real gift comes when you learn from the program about your own health – how your genes, environment, and lifestyle may interact to keep you, your children, and your children’s children healthy for years to come. We know the illnesses that plague our community – diabetes, asthma, hypertension, strokes, cancer, and obesity. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn how these tendencies within families could be reduced? And imagine knowing that the prescriptions and treatments you receive from your doctor are the best ones for YOU – for your unique body, genes, and lifestyle. That day is coming, and the All of Us Research Program is helping to make it happen. Visit JoinAllofUs.org and “Become One in a Million” TODAY.