About Science and Research with All of Us – Part Two!

May 13, 2021

Dr. Bashir Easter

It is week two of our conversation about science and research with Bashir Easter, Ph.D., Assistant Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison All of Us team at the Center for Community Engagement and Health Partnerships in Milwaukee. This week we learn about the expectations if you decide to enroll in the All of Us Research Program.

Milwaukee Times: Dr. Easter, last week you told us a lot about the foundation of the All of Us Research Program, but if someone is interested in joining the one million people you’re seeking to attract nationwide, what can they expect?

Dr. Bashir Easter: If you decide to join the All of Us Research Program, we will ask you to share different kinds of information. You will be asked to give your email address or mobile phone number. We will ask you basic information like your name and where you live. We will ask you questions about your health, family, home, and work. If you have an electronic health record, we will ask for access. We may ask you to go to a local clinic or blood testing lab for a free appointment with us. At this appointment, we will collect basic physical measurements, including your height, weight, and hip and waist measurements, as well as your blood pressure and heart rate. We might ask you to give samples, like blood or urine, at the appointment. In some cases, we might ask you to give samples with an at-home kit instead.

Milwaukee Times: This seems like a lot of information. Do you have permission to get this information?

Dr. Bashir Easter: Because All of Us is a research program, you will also be asked to review an informed consent process. This process explains what is involved and the risks and benefits of joining. Joining is your choice. You should only sign when you are sure you understand and are comfortable with joining the program.

Milwaukee Times: This sounds like a lot of activity. Does this cost anything?

Dr. Bashir Easter: Participation is at no monetary cost to you. We will ask you to donate your time, which is valuable, and we hope you will stay with the program for years to come. We will also offer you a onetime compensation of $25. It may be in the form of cash, a gift card, or an electronic voucher.

Milwaukee Times: Thank you, Dr. Easter. This gives our readers a lot to think about. What will you have for us next week?

Dr. Bashir Easter: We are very excited to let you know that we are sponsoring a Town Hall on V100 Radio on Tuesday, May 18 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. It’s called “Science, Research and Communities of Color” and will also be shown live on Facebook. So, we will follow up in this column and talk about why there needs to be diversity in research.

Do your own research about the All of Us Research Program nationally, by going to www.joinallofus.org, visiting our All of Us MKE Facebook page or calling (414) 882-1376.