Woman charged with child neglect, admits to snorting heroin before driving with kids in car

February 1, 2017

GREENFIELD — A 37-year-old Milwaukee woman faces two counts of misdemeanor child neglect for an alleged incident which unfolded at the Speedway gas station near Loomis and Howard on Tuesday, January 17th. The accused is Natalie Reszczynski.

According to the criminal complaint, customers at the gas station called Greenfield police after they noticed Reszczynski “appeared to be altered.” They were concerned she would leave with the children who were in her car and attempt to drive.

When officers arrived on the scene, they observed there were no car seats in the car for the children. When officers spoke with Reszczynski, “her pupils were extremely constricted and her eyelids were ‘droopy.’ She initially denied any drug usage but shortly after admitted to snorting $10.00 worth of heroin approximately one hour previously.”

Reszczynski was taken to a hospital where she was given narcan. The complaint goes on to say that after Reszczynski received the narcan, “she no longer appeared altered and she agreed to give a statement.”

Reszczynski told investigators that “while she was in the Speedway, she had a hard time maintaining her balance and felt like she was going to black out.” She indicated she has not overdosed on heroin in the past.

The complaint notes that Reszczynski is approximately seven months pregnant.

Conviction on either one of the child neglect counts comes with a maximum nine months in prison.