August 17, 2017

Position Announcement:



100% FTE Position

Location:  Milwaukee

The SSI Managed Care External Advocacy Project, in its eleventh year under contract with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, provides advocacy to SSI-related Medicaid recipients enrolled in managed care plans, in accessing quality medical services and by assisting with Medicaid eligibility issues.

Working under the Project Coordinator, the Advocacy Specialist for the SSI Managed Care Project will provide Medicaid Managed Care enrollees with information about and the rights and responsibilities of enrollment in Medicaid HMOs.  The advocate will investigate complaints, including the denial, reduction or termination of services by the HMO, and provide representation. The Project is a part of Disability Rights Wisconsin’s Benefits Team.


  1. Collect client information, investigate complaints of problems experienced by managed care enrollees, inform person requesting assistance of DRW decision to accept or deny case, and how DRW will respond to the request.
  1. Provide information, referrals, guidance and consultation, over the telephone or in person, to managed care enrollees or others who call for help on advocacy issues pertaining to SSI Managed Care (including explaining to enrollees their rights and responsibilities).
  1. Work collaboratively with HMOs, providers, state and county officials to resolve problems encountered by managed care enrollees. Use conflict resolution and mediation methods whenever appropriate or direct representation at grievance or fair hearings if necessary.
  1. Provide timely written responses to inquiries as needed, prepare written analyses of advocacy issues, prepare documentation for appeals, fair hearings, and other formal and informal dispute resolution procedures.
  1. Complete required intake and case recording forms, and maintain accurate records of client interactions and case progress on computerized data base.
  1. Perform outreach activities to inform enrollees and professionals about SSI Managed Care advocacy, with an emphasis of reaching culturally diverse groups and organizations.
  1. Represent DRW on task forces, coalitions, and committees concerned with the legal and civil rights of people with disabilities, especially those dealing with SSI Managed Care.


  1. As assigned, participate on internal DRW work groups or teams to develop appropriate advocacy strategies and programming for working on behalf of people with disabilities.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in an area related to the provision of advocacy services to people with disabilities. Equivalent experience of at least four years in paid or unpaid work in providing advocacy to vulnerable people may be considered in lieu of a formal advanced degree.


  1. Direct paid or unpaid experience with people with disabilities.


  1. Paid or unpaid experience providing advocacy on your own behalf or someone else’s behalf.


  1. Interview, investigation, negotiation, and mediation skills.


  1. Organizational skills, including managing a high volume of tasks, attention to detail, meeting deadlines and responding well to supervision.


  1. Demonstrated ability to work independently and as a part of a team.


  1. Excellent listening, verbal and written communication skills.


  1. A collaborative style conducive to developing effective working relationships with staff of HMOs, County Economic Support, and other agencies.


  1. Demonstrated commitment to social justice issues.
  1. Strong computer skills including email, word processing, and use of the internet.




  1. Knowledge of Medicaid eligibility.


  1. Knowledge of SSI Managed Care.


  1. Outreach and public speaking experience.


  1. Direct contact or experience with persons from culturally diverse backgrounds.


  1. Experience dealing with persons in stressful situations.


  1. Ability to travel statewide.


SALARY:  $28,000 – $50,000, depending on experience.

Excellent Fringe Benefits.

To apply, e-mail, or mail a:

(1)  Résumé

(2)  Education and Experience Response, not to exceed two pages.  Organize your      response to describe your education and experience as it relates to each of these         areas:

(a) advocacy for people with disabilities or other vulnerable populations;

(b) direct paid or unpaid experience with people with disabilities;

(c) individual case-handling, including: investigation, negotiation, and mediation

      skills and case file maintenance; and

(d) knowledge of Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care.


Applications that do not address these four specific areas cannot be further considered.


(3) Affirmative Action Form (optional) – available on subsequent pages or by      contacting Disability Rights Wisconsin at or phone 608-267-0214


DEADLINE 5:00pm Sunday August 27th 2017   No exceptions.

Provide materials toDisability Rights Wisconsin, 131 W. Wilson St., Suite 700, Madison, WI 53703.  E-mail:   

Alternate formats of this Position Announcement are available upon request.  Application materials may be submitted in alternate formats.

DRW is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer committed to having a diverse work force.  Members of minority groups and person with disabilities are strongly urged to apply.